Roof painting

Best Roof Painting Services

Diagnosis specializes on various types of roof painting, coating and leak sealant service for all kinds of buildings. We provide roof coating system, metal roof coating, heat reflective roof painting, roof spray painting and roof leak sealant service for residential and commercial buildings. 

Our Services

Metal Roof Coating

Roof coating is important to protect the metal, steel, zinc or aluminium roofing system of your building and prevent rust caused by extreme weathers

Roof Spray Painting

Spray painting offers a quick finish on every roofing projects and protects your roof from heat and humid for longer lifespan.

Heat Reflective painting

Heat reflective paint will cause more sunlight energy to bounce off than normal paint of the same colour. No more being afraid of the hot weather in Malaysia!

Leak Sealant Service

We provide the best leak sealant service for your roofs so you won't be bugged by roof leaks anymore.

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Roofing Gallery

Get your roof painted or coated today!

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